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Flora & Fauna Cyprus

Cyprus is a fascinating place for nature lovers

With approximately 1,800 species of flowering plants, Cyprus is a fascinating place for nature lovers.

Being an island it is sufficiently isolated to allow the evolution of a strong endemic flowering element. At the same time, being surrounded by big continents, it incorporates botanical elements of the neighbouring land masses.

About 8% of the indigenous plants of the island, 125 different species and sub-species are endemic. The island’s great variety of habitats, attributed to a varied microclimate, and geology, is the main reason contributing to this high number of endemics.

A great book to help you identify the flora of Cyprus is ‘Wild Flowers of Cyprus’ by George Sfikas.

The present day fauna of Cyprus includes seven species of land mammals, 26 species of amphibians and reptiles, 357 species of birds, a great variety of insects and mites, while the coastal waters of the island give shelter to 197 fish species and various species of crabs, sponges and echinodermata.

The Moufflon can only be found in Cyprus

The largest wild animal that still lives on the island is the Cyprus Moufflon (Ovis orientalis ophion), a rare type of wild sheep that can only be found in Cyprus. They can be found at Stavros tis Psokas – either at the nature reserve or if you’re really lucky – by the river.

Snakes are comatose in the heat of high summer and spend the winter in hibernation. Without exception, they are frightened of human beings and only attack to defend themselves. Most snakes on the island are non-venomous.

A villa holiday is an ideal way to enjoy seeing the flora and fauna in Cyprus. Spend your days in the countryside, then enjoy a barbecue in the garden in the evening.

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